Must have accessories to your Iridium satellite phone

International plug kit

The International traveling kit can be a requirement to work with the AC travel connect kit. So, anyone acquiring an AC plug package for his or her telephone will definitely should purchase this accessory. It’s designed to help you to plug in the Iridium journey charger in a wide variety of potential outlet formats. It has 5 adapters and it can also be combined with the journey charger which can be sold as a stand alone. International travel Kit supports outlet formats in European, Great britain, US and India And Australian. It is great for anyone with a satellite phone and is planning to travel to any of these countries.

Iridium 9555 Li-Ion chargeable battery

This satellite cell phone accessory was created to be incurred while previously installed in the phone. It can be mainly applied as a additional battery or as a replacement for that 9555 maker battery. It is great for you if you make typical long distance tours. Using this accessory, you never run out of power.

Iridium 9555 DC Auto battery charger

The satellite phone vehicle charger is created to enable you to utilize the standard 12 VDC item in your auto. It plugs directly into these power expenses and retailers your iridium 9555 handset or Iridium 9505A. It is great for you if you have a car as it will enable you to demand your battery as you traveling.

Iridium 9555 easily transportable Auxiliary Antenna

This adornment is meant to boost in-car (sea or terrain) satellite reception It has a practical magnetic attach, pocket and compact sized which allows you to be able to traveling with it from vehicle to vehicle. It’s ideal for all but particularly those in underwater where wedding party is usually low.

IR-01-BAT-20801 high capacity battery power

This accessory can be used as an extra battery for satellite mobile phones or as a substitute for the producers battery. It is great for anybody planning to make a long distance journey to a distant area and then there are difficult to rely on sources of energy.


This satellite telephone accessory suits exactly inside the docking station giving a simple to fasten mechanism that can be simply put and removed by only a touch of a button. It’s purposely built to enable you to connect an outside GPS antenna to the dock and to take advantage of the SOS emergency. It’s great for anyone with satellite 9555 telephone.

RemoteSAT (RST100)

RemoteSAT (RST 100) is designed to combine the intelligent modern technology of satellite phone to aid voice and data services on the Iridium satellite network. It is equipped with a number of interfaces to assist to allow using integrated cord less phones or maybe the integrated PABX communications. Additionally, it gives one particular the option to gain access to voice providers by making use of a compact clever user handset.

It is designed to use by individuals maritime, repaired sites and emergency services applications where permanent and reliably put in communication is needed

The 1200 Pelican Case is great for the Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone to Utilize

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